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The HIV Action Network is a coalition of individuals living with HIV, allies, and community-based agencies. The Network drafts a Legislative Agenda each year. We advocate for policies that help prevent new HIV infections and keep people living with HIV healthy and virally suppressed, and we promote state legislative policy that is aligned with the National HIV/AIDS Strategy. To keep up-to-date with the HIV Action Network, sign up here

2018 Legislative Agenda

Issues We Support

  • Homes for All:

    • $140 million in bonds to create supportive housing-HF3125 (Hausman)/SF2939 (Senjem)
    • $10 million for Housing Supportive Services - HF3474 (Baker)/SF3238 (Dziedzic)
      • First-time home-buyer assistance
      • Provide Rental Assistance
      • Build and preserve affordable housing
      • Prevent homelessness, provide emergency shelter & improve stability
  • STEP Therapy – SF2897 (Utke)/HF3196 (Fenton)
    • Gives patients a process to overrule an insurance company’s denial of medication
    • Puts doctors and patients in charge of medication decisions, not insurance companies
  • Opiate Stewardship Program (Penny a Pill) – SF730 (Rosen)/HF1440 (Baker)
    • Charge pharmaceutical companies a fee for every opioid sold in MN
    • Limits the quantity of opiates that can be prescribed at one time
    • Creates an Opiate Stewardship Advisory Council to address the opiate crisis
    • Raise $20 million a year for prevention, treatment, and recovery program

Issues We Oppose

  • Medicaid Work Reporting Requirements - SF3611 (Johnson)/HF3722 (Fenton)

    • Will put the healthcare of low income people living with HIV at risk
    • Places a costly and complex bureaucratic process between patients and their doctors


2017 Legislative Agenda

Issues We Support

  • MN Plan to End HIV SF847 (Dibble)/HF2047 (Franke)

    • Creation of a statewide strategy to end HIV in Minnesota
    • Develop recommendations to improve funding, state and local policy changes, and service delivery for HIV prevention and care
  • Enhance and Maintain Access to Health Insurance
    • Ensure that all people living with HIV and at high-risk can access lifesaving medical care and medications
    • Support fixes to MNSure and Minnesota Public Health Care programs to improve affordability and coverage for people living with HIV and at high-risk for infection
    • Support efforts to ensure parity for mental health and substance use treatment
  • Increase funding for HIV Prevention – SF1469 (Hayden)/HF1758 (Liebling)
    • Current funding for HIV Prevention and Services provides a critical need by:

      • Reducing the number of new infections and HIV related deaths
      • Saving Minnesota’s state budget millions of dollars by preventing new infections
  • HIV Housing – SF1211 (Hayden)/HF1211 (Allen)
    • Develop strategies and funding to increase affordable housing opportunities and services for people living with HIV and those who are at high risk of infection
  • Opiate Overdose Prevention and Syringe Access – SF1467 (Hayden)/HF1760 (Dehn)
    • Increase availability and access to syringe exchange services and Naloxone to reduce the spread of new HIV infections through intravenous drug use and to prevent and reduce overdose deaths
  • Comprehensive Sex Education – SF1468 (Pappas)/HF1759 (Kunesh-Podein)
    • Require all school districts to provide Responsible Family Life Education programs that include:

      • Human development and sexuality education that is age-appropriate and medically accurate
      • Develops skills to prevent and reduce sexually transmitted infections and unintended pregnancies, and prevention of sexual violence
  • Hepatitis C Medication Assistance – SF1466 (Hayden)/HF1757 (Dehn)
    • Funding to create a Hepatitis C Drug Assistance Program

      • Increase care and treatment for Hepatitis C

Issues We Oppose

  • Anti-Transgender Legislation HF41 (Quam) 

    • Transgender women have the highest risk for HIV infection. Policies that promote discrimination and social stigma create further harm to an already marginalized group of people.
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