2016 Legislative Candidate Questionnaire

The 2016 elections are a critical time in the ongoing fight against AIDS. Not only will we choose a new President, but we also will elect candidates for Congress and the entire Minnesota State Legislature. State legislators make vital decisions that can either move us forward, or set us back, in HIV care and prevention. The Minnesota AIDS Project created a legislative candidate questionnaire and solicited responses from every candidate. We are excited to have received nearly 80 responses! Please take time to review the responses from your candidates and learn where they stand on issues impacting the HIV community. 

Not sure which district you're in? Find out here.


MN Senate Questionnaires

MN House questionnaires

District 6-Skeeter Tomczak

District 7-Donna Bergstrom

District 7-Erik Simonson

District 8-Bill Ingebrigsten

District 8-Shawn Olson

District 9-Jason Weinerman

District 10-Tiffany Stenglein

District 13-Michael Willemsen

District 14-Steven Zilberg

District 20-Kevin Dahle

District 22-Brian Abrahamson

District 23-Barbara Lake

District 23-John Lillis

District 26-Rich Wright

District 33-Jay Nygard

District 33-Sherrie Pugh

District 34-Bonnie Westlin

District 35-Roger Johnson

District 37-Jerry Newton

District 39-Karin Housley

District 40-Chris Eaton

District 40-Robert Marvin

District 41-Carolyn Laine

District 43-Chris Belflower

District 43-Chuck Wiger

District 45-Ann Rest

District 47-Darryl Scarborough

District 48-Steve Cwodzinski

District 49-Melisa Franzen

District 51-Jim Carlson

District 56-Phillip Sterner

District 59-Patwin Lawrence

District 60-Kari Dziedzic

District 61-Scott Dibble

District 62-Jeff Hayden

District 64-Sharon Anderson

District 64-Ian Baird

District 64-Dick Cohen

District 67-Krysia Weidell

District 67-Foung Hawj

District 3A-Rob Ecklund

District 5B-Dennis Barsness

District 7A-Jennifer Schultz

District 7A-Dylan Raddant

District 10B-Erin Wagner

District 14A-Aric Putnam

District 15A-Kent Lestrud

District 16A-Al Kruse

District 18B-Darrel Mosel

District 19A-Clark Johnson

District 20B-David Bly

District 22B-Kirby Kruse

District 24A-Bev Cashman

District 25A-Linda Walbruch

District 25B-Duane Sauke

District 26B-John Austinson

District 28B-Thomas Trehus

District 29B-Steve Kilburn

District 30A-Sarah Hamlin

District 31B-Susan Larson

District 33B-Brad Brothen

District 39B-Alan Kantrud

District 40B-Mali Marvin

District 43A-Bob Cardinal

District 45A-Lyndon Carlson

District 56A-Dan Kimmel

District 56B-Lindsey Port

District 57A-Erin Quade

District 57B-John Huot

District 59A-Joe Mullery

District 59B-Raymond Dehn

District 61B-Tom Gallagher

District 63A-Jim Davnie

District 64B-Dave Pinto

District 65B-Margaret Stokely

District 66A-Alice Hausman

District 67B-Joseph Weverka